Product Notes

Feture and Benifit :

 -High dispersion efficiency product
- Avoid the crude oil to end-up on shore
- Simple, quick and efficient answer
 - Efficient dispersion of wide range of oils in a broad range of temperatures,
- High efficiency for cleaning hydrocarbons (oils and other related products)
- For cleaning of hydrocarbons spills on deck, ships side, piers, wharfs, etc., where allowed.
- Cleaning up after spills that may occur during loading of bunkers where allowed.
- Minimizes environmental damage.
- Does not contribute further to pollution.
• Cost effective and economical.
• Easy to handle and apply.

Physical Properties
Appearance / Color :Clear to Slight Yellow liquid
Density (g/ml)          :1.00–1.05 at 20°C
Odor                        :Characteristic ether like odor
Flash Point              :NA
pH                            : 7