Product Notes

The use of untreated water in a boiler can cause scale buildup and corrosion. Treating the boiler water with chemicals - known as boiler feed water treatment - will increase the life of the boiler and reduce maintenance costs. Scale is formed from calcium and magnesium salts that are carried in solution in the water used in the boiler. Treatment of the boiler water by raising the pH with the addition of alkaline salts – such as sodium or potassium hydroxide – will prohibit most of the calcium and magnesium salts from precipitating and causing scale buildup in the boiler. Sodium sulfite is a constituent of some boiler feed water treatments. This constituent acts as an oxygen scavenger. The presence of oxygen in boiler water will lead to corrosion of the boiler . A chelating agent, sodium hexametaphosphate is sometimes added to boiler water to inhibit hard water salts from precipitating to form scale. Hydrochloric acid is sometimes utilized in acid boils to remove scale form the boiler.