Product Notes

In cases where systems are contaminated with oil and/or scale they should be cleaned before starting to apply RXSOL 2000 .There are suitable RX BRAND products to carry out the cleaning. Degreasing should be carried out using RXSOL 2000-II and descaling by using RXSOL 2000-II.

Color                           : Odour Pink/ red (Colour changes of the product can not be excluded the effectively will however not impaired.)
Sp. Gravity                  : 1.1 to 1.25
pH                                : Alkaline (11.3 – 11.5)
None. Rxsol-2000 is an alkaline product & should be handled like other chemical Avoid contact with Eyes, Skin ,in case of contact ,wash with copious amounts of water immediately.
Freezing Point - 17 0 c
Nitrite (as PPM NO2)       0                   100-200      300-600        700-900      1100-1300      1440-2400
RXSOL 2000 /1000L      13.0               11.3              8-10               5-7               1.5-3.5              0

1. Properly clean the system with water and alkaline liquid , if necessary.
2. Add 0 .15-1.5 % of Rxsol -2000 in system or recommended Nitrite level 1400 – 2500 ppm can be measured and controlled by any standard RXSOL test kit for Nitrite, Chloride test also helps to detect excess contamination to maintain accepted levels . when the product is dosed as recommended limit By buffering action of RXSOL - 2000 , pH should be maintained between 8.3 and 10 by the treatment.

NOTE ::: Engine cooling system should be drained, flushed and if necessary chemically cleaned with (Aluminum & Metal Cleaner) for to remove old rust and scale deposits, before treatment with RXSOL 2000 .

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