Product Notes

Product Description

Dieselite is a multi-functional fuel treatment containing combustion catalysts and ash modifiers. It is intended for use in diesel engines and boilers burning residual fuels.

Product Properties

Carbon residue formation during combustion is inhibited by catalysts that lower the ignition temperature of heavy asphaltenic particles. The combustion time is consequently increased, leading to a reduction of tar deposits and carbonaceous fire scale. Ash modifiers combine with fuel combustion ash to raise the sinter and melting points of the ash above the engine or boiler normal operating temperatures. High temperature corrosion is minimized, reducing maintenance and extending service life. The majority of ash formed is ejected with the exhaust gases in a fine, solid state, and any ash remaining in the exhaust system is easily removed by light brushing. The conversion of fuel sulphur to potentially corrosive sulphur trioxide gas is also inhibited. Sulphur trioxide reacts with condensed steam in the exhaust trucking, funnel uptakes and other cooler zones to form sulphuric acid. Dieselite is a wide spectrum additive intended for continuous use.

Directions for Use and Dose Rates

For best results, Dieselite should be dosed automatically using a metering pump to dose into the fuel feed line as near to the injector or burner pump as possible. Where Micro Carbon Residue (MCR) or vanadium/sodium analysis is available, use the following table: