Product Notes

1. It is a powerful solvent emulsion cleaner for cleaning of diesel engine air coolers, scavenging air systems and 
   compressor ...
2. ACC-009 is a liquid compound consisting of specific corrosion inhibitors , to prtect SOFT METAL

Field :: - AHU, FCU, Air Conditioners, Car Condenser and Radiator, Air Cooled Chillers, Air Cooled Condensers, Air Cooler Tube Bundle etc.

It has self foaming characteristics which starts immediate foaming when it comes in contact with dirt, enabling excellent penetration of the product into the coils for complete cleaning that instantly shows multiple increase of CFM/Air Velocity.


Detailed Technical specification of individual components of chiller

A.    Refrigerant Compressors.

The refirgerant compressors shall be of hermitically sealed scroll type compressors with all standard accessories. The compressors shall be designed for continuous duty for a minimum period of 720  Hours. The approximate time taken by chiller unit for pulling down the intial load from ambient conditions of =40 degree C (maximum) to the designed process condition of - 45 degree C shall be clearly indicated. The refirgeration package shall also be provided with hot gas bypass arrangement ot act as an artificial heat load, during part load operations and also to recover the oil from the evaporator, as and when situation demands. System shall be designed to prevent starving of compressors during continous operations. The compressors shall be suitable for working on 415V, 3 phase, 50 Hz. AC  power supply and the terminal block shall have IP 64 protection. The compressors shall be of reputed make like Copeland, Germany/ Bitzer, Germany/ Dunfoss (Typical).

B.    Inter-stage Condenser.

The inter-stage condenser shall be of shell and tube type or al plate type of pack-less tube in tube type heat exchanger shall be designed and suitably selected with adequate heat transfer area. The heat exchanger shall be suitably thermally insulated with EPDM foam rubber of adequate thickness of class 'O' rating. While selecting the condenser capacity, all non-process side external heat loads like insulation losses, heat capacity of all piping material, pipe fittings, balance tank/ expansion tank etc. shall be adequately considered. These PHEs shall be of reputed make like WTT Germany/ Alfa Laval, Germany/ GEA (Typical)

C.    Water cooled condenser for high-stage refrigerant circuit 

Water cooled condenser to be used in the high side refrigeration circuit shall be of shell and tube type or a plate type or pack-less tube heat exchanger, designer suitably. The water available for cooling in the condenser is chilled water, and is available at a pressure of about 2-3 bar at a temperature of around 20-22 degree C. Adequate protection shall be considered for the chiller system for possible faults like insufficient cooling water flow, low cooling water pressire and high temperature of cooling water. Suitable cooling water pressure/ flow regulator, cooling water flow switch etc. shall be part of the system. The required cooling water flow rate and the temperature differential considered shall be indicated in the offer with all calculations, without fail. These water-cooled condensers shall be of reputed make like Danfos/ Copeland/ Bitzer/ Alfa laval(Typical). 

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