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ACTIVATED CARBON It is known that removal of impurities from liquids or gases by Activated Carbon is by adsorption. But only a thin layer if molecules is enough to neutralize the residual attraction of the outer carbon atoms, which then cannot be adsorb any further molecules and carbon is said to be exhausted. It is however possible to make carbon porous. In this way many countless are created and internal surface area is increased. Many more carbon atoms are then exposed to the surroundings resulted in more molecules from surroundings can be attracted. The carbon is more active and hence called “Activated Carbon”. One gram of ground carbon has an external surface area of 2 to 4 square meters, whereas when carbon has been activated this one gram of carbon may acquire an internal surface area of more one thousand square meters. 

PRODUCTION OF ACTIVATED CARBON Activated carbon can be produced from many raw materials i.e. Soft wood, Coconut shell, Peat lignite (Both mineral & coal). The raw material must be relatively low cost and source of raw material should be closed to the factory location to minimize the transport cost. We are using Soft wood & Coconut shell charcoal as raw material in our factory. 


1. STEAM ACTIVATED PROCESS: The majority of Activated Carbon used through out the world is produced by two stage process. Firstly the material is carbonized and cock is produced. The pores of produced cock are too small; hence, the next is a process of enlarging the pore structure so that an accessible internal surface is created. This is achieved by semi product with steam at temperature between 900o C to 1200o C. At this temperature rate determination factor is the chemical reaction between steam and carbon. This reaction takes place at the internal surface of the carbon removing carbon from the pore walls and there by enlarging them. Opening up the pore structure is costly as the yield decreases and extra heat is required. e.g. In the purification of water for the adsorption of small molecules from solution. This carbon is cheaper compare to sugar decolorizing carbon where large molecules are to be removed. Thus, steam activation process allows the pore size to be altered and finally carbon can be made to suit different purpose. 

PRODUCT The product range of our company can be broadly divided in two categories that is -Powder Carbon & Granular Carbon. Activated carbons are produced from selected best quality of wood charcoal to give a high quality product. 

a. Oil Grade Carbons: We have wide range of different grade of Activated carbon for bleaching of edible oils like G.N., Solvent extracted G.N. Oil, Cotton seed Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Soya bean Oil, Palm Oil, Rice bran Oil, Maize Oil, etc. as well as non edible oil like castor oil & mineral oil. 
b. Carbon for Purification Of Sugar & Related Products: Activated Carbon for purification of sugar syrups, refining of glucose, dextrose & in manufacture of sugar cubs. 
c. Carbon for Purification of Chemicals: For purification of chemicals Dye Intermediates, Electroplating bath solution, plasticizers EDTA, And Acetic acid etc. 

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