Product Dose


RXSOL  664 is used as supplied at ambient temperatures. On no account must this product be heated as this will result in loss of the volatile solvent. Always use the complete contents of a container, in order to preserve the correct ratio of aqueous seal to active solvent layer. When first making up a bath of RXSOL 664 a note should be made of the depth of both the seal layer and the lower solvent layer. This makes subsequent control of the bath easier.

Components being processed in RXSOL 664 should be free of all oily and greasy contamination. Failure to ensure a grease and oil free condition of the work being processed will result in steadily increasing contamination of the bath and reduction in its life.

Oily and greasy components should be pretreated in a cold emulsifiable solvent cleaner, followed by a water rinse using an air/water gun and then immersion of the still wet components in RXSOL 664. Components must be completely immersed in the lower solvent layer with no intrusion into the upper seal layer. The seal has no paint or carbon removing ability.


When treatment in RXSOL 664 is complete the work must be water rinsed. The rinsing equipment must produce sufficient pressure to remove detached paint and carbon from the surface along with residues of RXSOL 664.

NOTE The water rinse must be with cold water.


After water rinsing, the work should be dried and suitably protected to prevent corrosion. A convenient means of drying that also provides some protection against corrosion is the use of a dewatering fluid .

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