Product Dose

Heated Dip Tanks:

RXSOL Gold Industrial Cleaner should be used at a 1 part BGIC to 20 parts water concentration and heated to 140 degrees F. RXSOL Gold Industrial Cleanercan replace chlorinated hydrocarbons in vapor degreaser tanks with minor modifications. Vapor tanks can be easily and economically converted to a submersion system with the addition of a source of agitation. It is recommended that 60% of the tank volume per minute be moved in order to provide the best agitation. Air agitation is NOT recommended.


RXSOL Gold Industrial Cleaner in a 5% concentration is a perfect cleaner to use in ultrasonic tanks. The tank should be heated to 140 degrees F. Parts washed in Blue Gold and thoroughly dried are protected from surface rusting for approximately 7 to 15 days. These parts can then be painted, welded or bonded with no further treatment.

High Pressure Sprayers & Steam Cleaners:

RXSOL Gold Industrial Cleaner is ideal for high pressure and steam cleaning applications. It keeps every part of the system clean and free of corrosion, thus reducing maintenance and down time. In application tests, it has been shown that the higher the pressure the lighter the concentration needed for effective cleaning. The following is a suggestion on various concentrations based on the pressure (psi). 


Pressure Water Temperature  Dilution
150-300 PSI Cold 1-50
  100 deg. F.- 130 deg. F. 1-100
500-800 PSI Cold 1-100
  100 deg. F-130 deg. F.  1-250
1000 PSI  Cold 1-200
  100 deg. F.- 130 deg. F. 1-400

Hand wiping

RXSOL Gold Industrial Cleaner is safe enough to use in hand wiping applications. We suggest however, if prolonged use is necessary that you use gloves as the Blue Gold will take the oils out of your hands. (Most of the compressed gas applications and oxygen related cleaning applications are accomplished with hand wiping.)

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