Product Dose

Cleans, degreases and disperse heavy grease and oil build up on surfaces and hard to reach areas. Great for engines overhauling, heavy machinery, industrial equipment maintenance and mechanical parts cleaning.

Depends on usage this product  is  designed  into two types ::: 

  • RXSOL-20-2019-025 Concentrate    Heavy duty industrial cleaning job - not suitable for painted or coated surfaces.
  • RXSOL-20-2019-025 Tech                Medium duty industrial cleaning job - suitable for all surfaces.

Suitable for fast and effective cleaning jobs on huge areas with very minimal scrubbing activity and instant residue removal.

Widely applicable at airports and hangars for its non-volatile, non-corrosive and bio-degradable.

Easy and safe to use for electrical and electronic small sensitive components with hard to reach area. Solutions are non-hazardous and non-abrasive

Machine maintenance and overhauling, tools restoration.

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