Product Dose


•    Machines should be rinsed with water to remove loose flakes & sludge's before use
•    Powder should be added to warm water for an ideal solution
•    The sample should be properly tested before using
•    Proper ventilation is essential for effective use of Sulfamic Acid Descalant
•    After cleansing, the solution should be drained out and the system should be rinsed with     water until pH value is neutral
•    Rinsing with ROTO PASS – 212 for better metal prevention and passivation is recommended

At room temperatures, dilute aqueous Sulfamic Acid solution is stable for a long time but rapid hydrolysis occurs at elevated temperatures. Its solution is less corrosive toward metals than another mineral acid. When compared to most of the common strong mineral acids, Sulfamic Acid has desirable water descaling properties, low volatility, low toxicity and is a water-soluble solid forming soluble calcium and iron-III salts. Because of its many positive attributes like handling ease, solubility and low corrosiveness, Sulfamic Acid is used for many diversified applications.

The self-indicating grade that changes colours to indicate that the efficiency of material has been finished.
Colourless Solution showing Powerful Strength.
Light Brown-Yellow Solution indication Poor strength, In this stage addition of more powder required to dissolve the scale.
Blue colour solution will result in neutralization of Acidic Power, After completion of Descaling process system must be neutralized with ALKALI SOLUTION. When we'll put alkali solution into the used descaler - solution, Acidic power will get neutralized and BLUE colour will develop.

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