Product Dose


Preparation of the surface is very important.
Repair and make good any faulty concrete in the form of cracks, honey combing, etc.

Fill the cracks with a mortar consisting of RXSOL PMB (Refer to product datasheet).
Cure the repaired cracks as per usual norms.
Remove all curing compounds and sealers.Scrub and clean the surface. Remove laitance, dirt, paint,loose flakes or particles or other foreign matter etc. using a vacuum cleaner or high pressure water jet or wet sandblasting or wire brushing.

Ensure that the concrete surface possesses an open surface texture.
Moisten the surface using a water jet 24 hours prior to the application of RXSOL PMB.
Apply three coats of RXSOL PMB in a continuous unbroken film, free from pinholes at 24 hour intervals.

Ensure that all the grooves andjoints are entirely coated.

Allow it to set for 48 hours.