Product Dose

A. Soaking method

Fill a soaking tank filled with a 3:1 solution of RXSOL Solvent Clean in water and stir continuously to allow even distribution of the corrosion inhibitors. Due to its high evaporation rate, a water seal is required to stop the phenomenon, thus allow one (1) hour for the water seal to form. Place the parts to be cleaned into the solution and let them soak until deposits are completely dissolved and can be removed. (soaking time depends on the thickness and composition of the deposits). Remove parts from the bath through water seal (which provides a first rinsing) and rinse with a stream of water. Hard, persisting deposits may be removed with a wire brush.

 B. Brushing method

For large, heavy pieces, RXSOL Solvent Clean  is applied with a brush. Brush the treated area until  the deposits are saturated, loosened and can easily be removed. Spray with water to rinse and then use a cloth to dry.

 C. Closed Circuit

Recirculate undiluted RXSOL Solvent Clean  prior to blowing steam through the system to be  cleaned in order to remove the residual oil. Heat up to 50oC for better results. Circulation time depends on the degree of fouling and may vary from 4 to 24 hours. Upon completion, drain and flush with water or Diesel and Kerosene.

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