Product Dose

The tablet is dosed to the water supply tank preferably suspended away from the fabric of the tank. The tablets should not be allowed to rest on the bottom of metal tanks. Being in tablet form this is a safer method of administering chlorine than the usual liquid preparations. When used as part of a planned programme of protection it will assist in control of problems associated with such areas as bacterial and organic foulingincluding legionnaires disease.

Dose Rate:

Rates will be determined by the extent of current problems. An initial dose will be required to give a free residual chlorine reserve of 5-50ppm for a minimum of 1 hour. Thereafter a reserve of 0.5-2.0ppm is normally sufficient. Also available as rapid dissolving (Bechlor 126RD) 1 tablet will give 50ppm chlorine in 3.6m3 water.

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