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Use the RXSOL paint Remover MC as supplied: DO NOT DILUTE.

Apply the RXSOL paint Remover MC using brush or roller. RXSOL Paint Remover MC should be applied with tools that can resist strong alkalis. RXSOL Paint Remover MC should be applied with tools that can resist strong solvents. Apply RXSOL Paint Remover MC  in a uniform manner, with coverage at the rate established by the test panels. Allow the Paint Remover to dwell on the surface for the following minimum periods:

RXSOL Paint Remover MC  45 minutes to 2 hours

In cold temperatures, these times may need to be extended. In windy and warm conditions, care must be taken in the use of these Paint Remover to avoid allowing them to dry out as this will defeat the Removing and stripping process. Substrate temperature is generally more critical than ambient temperature. As the substrate temperature drops below 20°C (70°F) the effectiveness of these strippers diminishes. This is the reason that the use of hot water (>80°C/175° F) is recommended  (as this helps to speed up the chemical reaction of the Paint Remover).

Periodic agitation with additional Paint Remover will usually optimize performance. Once the Paint Remover has fully reacted with the substance to be removed, pressure wash off.

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