Product Dose

RXSOL POTABLE WATER TEST KIT contains everything needed to monitor the drinking water onboard in accordance with WHO guidelines. The kit measures pH, free and total chlorine, plus total coliforms and E.coli bacteria. Because variation in the pH level can affect chlorination, it is important to monitor and control the pH. Additionally, potable water should be free of bacteria that are harmful to humans. Testing for coliform bacteria determines whether or not harmful bacteria are present. The test is an important safety measure, especially when potable water is loaded in port.

Chlorine testing is done using the DPD  Activator solution is used to determine total chlorine (the sum of free and combined chlorine). Chlorine level is determined using kit  and a visual color comparator . Presence/absence test for simultaneous detection of total coliforms and E.coli is done by using Coliform kit.

It should be noted that the sample must be incubated 18-24 hours at 34.5 °C to 37 °C.