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  • Fill the tank approximately 2/3 rd of the tank with warm water.
  •  Add the required amount of RXSOL-16-1696-030 and stir till all the material is disloved.
  • Fill the tank to working level with water and heat to operating temperature.

The concentration of the bath can be best determined by simple acid base titration using phenolphthalein as indicator.

Titrate 5ml of sample solution against 1N H2SO4. The concentration of the cleaner can
be known by the formula given below : Calculation : Conc. = R x N x 15 Where, R = Burette reading N = Normality of H2SO4. 

Any grease that collects on the surface during operation should be removed in order to avoid resoiling of components during lifting out of the solution. The loss of water by evaporation has to be made up from time to time. If the solution acts slowly after some period of usage and some components are no longer sufficiently cleaned, the bath should be replaced with the new one.

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