Product Dose

Drain and flush previous fluid according to the instructions provided by the vehicle manufacturer. For best results set heater controls to “HEAT” whilst this is carried out.

To remove traces of old fluid, flush the system with clean water.Remove drain plug or bottom radiator hose as appropriate. Hoses other than the bottom radiator hose may need to be removed to ensure all the old coolant is removed..

RXSOL REDCOOL can be used as either a top-up or complete fill without the danger of diluting coolant concentrations. DO NOT ADD WATER to the cooling system when refilling, only add RXSOL REDCOOL .

RXSOL REDCOOL  provides effective corrosion and freezing point protection to -210C. Start and run engine for 5 minutes to circulate the fluid. Check for leaks and top-up system with RXSOL REDCOOL  if required. For maximum system protection, replace RXSOL REDCOOL  at least every three years or 60,000 km