Product Dose


1st Method ( SPRAY METHOD ) Mix 1 part of RXSOL-10-1089-020  with 2 -10 parts of water / GAS-OIL ( For heavy oil,greasy surfaces use directly)Spray directly on the entire surface to be cleaned. This can be achieved by Hand spray / mechanical spray pump. Immediately after 2 -5 minted of spray theRXSOL-10-1089-020  starts its function. The Dirt, oil grease etc will loosen. 5 to 6 minutes after spraying start rinsing the system with water   (High pressure recommended). Dirt and mud start vanishing with cleaning media and water.
2nd Method (IMMERSION PROCESS ) Application in immersion process with or without ultrasonic support, manual wiping.
3rd Method (RE-CIRCULATION METHOD ) RXSOL-10-1089-020 is also used in conjunction with alkaline degreasing bath at 2-10% (v/v) concentration for better and quick degreasing action. Either the bath is heated to be 70°Cor the solution can be stirred or air agitated. FINALLY, RINSE THE SYSTEM WITH FRESH WATER.