Product Dose

Inhibitor protects truck mount components.

First of all mix 1 Kg powder with 4 Ltr water to get powder dissolve completely in to the BUCKET. Then disconnect truck mount water inlet and solution outlet hoses. Drain water completely from water box, Then add 4 Ltr powder mixed water into water box to dissolve. Then start engine to run solution through truck mount  atleast for 15 minutes to dissolve scale from surface. Finally connect water inlet hose and solution hose, flush with water for 5 minutes. Add 250ml of Alkali Cleaner RXSOL ORG - 6 to water box and run for 2 to 5 minutes to neutralise residual of scale ion. Then circulate system with clear water to remove all loose particle as well as cleaner present inside the system. 
Note For heavy scale build-up Truck Mount Descaler may be diluted with mix 1.5 Kg powder with 4 Ltr water and the solution should be circulated for a longer period.