Product Dose

The correct dosage rate is dependant upon several parameters, including feed temperature, pH, and chemical analysis and will be specified by your VWS consultant after a detailed survey of your plant. To obtain the best results, Antiscalant 9209 RX should be added continuously using a suitable metering pump.
In general PRACTICE :
Antiscalant 9209 RX should be dosed continuously to the feed water upstream of the cartridge filters. Typical dosage rates are 2 – 4 mg/L.
Antiscalant 9209 RX may also be used in sea water applications where iron is present, recycle of brine is in use or there is no feed water pH reduction by acid dosing.

Typical dose rates are 0.5 – 1.0 mg/L
Antiscalant 9209 RX dose rate in the feed water should be less than 5 mg/L in potable water systems. 
Antiscalant 9209 RX can be diluted and is fully miscible with water in all proportions.