Product Dose

For each 1000 gallons of either 3% or 5 % by weight* hydrochloric acid solution, not less than the following amount of Acid corrosion Inhibitor RXSOL-16-1047-025 should be used:

1 gallon for a cleaning temperature of 150° Fahrenheit.
2 gallons for a cleaning temperature of 175° Fahrenheit.
3 gallons for a cleaning temperature of 200° Fahrenheit.

* A 5% by weight hydrochloric acid solution contains 14.1% by volume of 20° hydrochloric acid.

The exceptional strength and heat stability of Acid corrosion Inhibitor RXSOL-16-1047-210 give the user a considerable safety factor in relation to temperature, acid strength, and time. Acid corrosion Inhibitor RXSOL-16-1047-210 may be added to either the diluted or concentrated hydrochloric acid. In either case, Acid corrosion Inhibitor RXSOL-16-1047-210 should be thoroughly mixed with the acid by stirring or agitation.

The hydrochloric acid solution inhibited with Acid corrosion Inhibitor RXSOL-16-1047-210 is best circulated through the equipment to be cleaned. When circulation cannot be accomplished, the equipment should be filled with the inhibited acid and allowed to react for sufficient time to remove the objectionable deposits. To estimate the proper acid concentration and cleaning time, samples of the deposits to be removed can be tested in the laboratory prior to cleaning. If heating of the equipment to be cleaned or acid solution is desired to speed the cleaning action, it should be done prior to the start of the cleaning operation.