Product Dose

Application and Use

Potable Water Tanks

Rxsol-32-3113-025 can  be slug dosed or fed to the tank with a  beta metering system. Dose 0.42 liters of Rxsol-32-3113-025 per 10 tons of water to achieve 42 ppm. This dosage will give approximately 12 ppm of SiO2.

NOTE: Water treated with Rxsol-32-3113-025  should not be used in boiler systems.

Permanent Fresh Water Ballast Tanks

The recommended initial dose is 32 ppm silica. To achieve this, dose 1.1 liters of Rxsol-32-3113-025 per 10 tons of fresh water.

On a tank previously dosed with Rxsol-32-3113-025 , 1 liter Rxsol-32-3113-025 per 20 tons should achieve a level of 32 ppm of silica. To ensure a proper level of Rxsol-32-3113-025  is established, and check the label with Rxsol Silica Test Kit .