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Recommended tank-cleaning procedure for removing stains from tank linings using RXSOL FILM Cleaner (TR-TA) Blue.

1. Mix solutions of RXSOL FILM Cleaner (TR-TA) Blue either in tank bottom or void space.

2. Dilution rate with water between 0.1 % and 2 % at the spray head (10 % in the metering tank). When dealing with stubborn dirt, it is recommended to spray with a higher concentration of RXSOL FILM Cleaner (TR-TA) Blue  to a maximum of 10 % at the spray head.

3. Do not use the entire quantity of RXSOL FILM Cleaner (TR-TA) Blue in one solution for all tanks to be cleaned. Save a few drums (2 - 3) to “boost” the solution for cleaning the last 20 % - 25 % of the tanks to be cleaned.

4. The solution may be used at ambient temperature, however, it is suggested that an increase of the cleaning temperature to maximum 80 °C will enhance the cleaning ability and shorten the cleaning time.

5. Proceed to recycle the cleaning solution through the tankwashing system for a period of two hours minimum
per machine drop. Usually a cleaning time of 4 hours per
tank will prove sufficient.

6. At completion of chemical application begin washing down with water, using maximum pressure available.

7. Inspect tank surfaces and if there remain some stains, spot clean with undiluted RXSOL FILM Cleaner (TR-TA) Blue directly on the stained area. Allow a reaction time of 30 minutes and then rinse with water. General cleaning without high pressure equipment: DiluteRXSOL FILM Cleaner (TR-TA) Blue depending on the type and amount of contamination with cold or hot water 1:3 till 1:200 (maximum10% solution). Clean with the aid of a bristle, a sponge or clothes. Rinse with water.

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