Product Dose

MEA play important role in Detergents imparts a reserve alkalinity to the laundry bath, which is essential to efficient cleaning.  MEA is an effective oil and anti-redeposition agent. 

Fatty acids neutralized with MEA are used as emulsifiers for oil-in water emulsions such as gel-type industrial hand cleaners, aerosol shave creams, and hand and body lotions. 

Textile Finishing  
MEA is used as reaction intermediates for the preparation of durable press fabric finishes and softeners. • When reacted to form amine soaps, useful as scouring agents for wool and silk because of its low alkalinity. • Because it is hygroscopic, MEA is used in the preparation of vat printing pastes. 

Wood Treating 

MEA is used in both alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) and copper azole formulations for treating wood to improve its resistance to pests and decay. Both are arsenic-free alternatives to the phased-out CCA formulations.