Product Dose

Routine additions of RXSOL-31-3024-25 establish a buffer action against temporary loss of chlorine which particularly during hot sunny weather, leads to conditions favouring very rapid algae growth.

For Swimming Pool :::

Algaecide quickly takes care of existing algae while providing protection from future algae growth eliminating algae and keeping your pool clean.
Dosage: 2 oz every 2 weeks

Pool Chemical Features

  • Copper Algaecide
  • Quickly kills algae
  • Prevents future algae growth
  • Safe to swim immediately after application

RXSOL Copper Algaecide is powerful enough to get rid of unsightly algae and future algae growth while being safe enough to not effect any swim plans you may have for the day. It will not cause your water to foam and will not change the pH levels of your pool. RXSOL Copper Algaecide quickly takes care of any algae in your pool and then serves as a preventative so your pool will stay clean all season long.