Product Dose

RXSOL EBV is used as viscosity builder in Acid cleaning and dose suggested for building viscosity to 2-5 % depending upon acid content.

Acid thickener for Toilet cleaners Manufacturing procedure :::  Required materials Perfume, Acid thickener, Hcl are used for toilet cleaners formulation

The cationic ethoxylated amines thickeners of HCL acid and sulphamic acid & other acid gives very effective results & safe usually, by using the dosage of RXSOL EBV viscosity of toilet cleaners and antibacterial agent of toilet cleaners, can be adjusts to underspecification it gives long-term viscosity and stability and 90% corrosion inhibition in Hcl acid we recommend dosage level of 2 to 3% by weight our RXSOL EBV is synergy tics blend of antibacterial of quant ammonium compound, which excellent result of thickening & antibacterial property


Note : Hcl acid required 33% purity and should be iron free & sulphamic acid used of 30 to 33 % liquid from R O water make solution

Procedure for 1 kgs batch size :::  720 ml water + 30 gms (RXSOL-19-1504-005) add mix well Then 250 Gms HCL 33% add slowly slowly with proper stirring and mix with pigment 2 to 5 gms and fragrance 3 gms lemongrass oil and other dilution with 720 ml water and HCl percentage ratio 12 to 15% in finish products and thickens your required

Storage & handling ::: The products can be stored at room temp, for two years, avoid contact with a strong oxidizing agent does not storage 60C temp.

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