Product Dose


  • Convenient treatment, which provides the basic alkalinity on which successful water treatment depends.
  • Provides optimum conditions for hardness control to function.
  • Neutralizes acid conditions , by maintaining of pH VALUE
  • Will assist in keeping silica in suspension.
  • Simple test to determine level of treatment.
  • Can be used in boilers of all pressures, acts as antifoaming agent.
  • Can be used as a neutralizer after acid cleaning operations
  • Suitable for use with all auxiliary boilers; waste heat units; economizers, package boilers, smoke and water tube boilers.
  • Dispersant action suspends sludge and sediment particles for efficient blow down.
  • Oxygen scavenging for optimum protection.
  • Protects boiler, steam lines, condensate lines and feed water lines from corrosion .
  • Fast action due to catalyst¬†and acts as a corrosion inhibitor.
  • Simple test to determine level of treatment .

 Packaging , Handling , First Aid & Storage: -

RXSOL-50-5004-020 is generally supplied in drums containing 25Kg / 50Kg .
Avoid contact with skin and eyes wear goggles & PVC gloves when handling. Keep an eye wash bottle close to the point of use. SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION
Do not take internally. On contact with Skin / Cloth, wash immediately with cupious amount of water. If eyes are affected they should be washed with water for at least 15 Minutes and medical attention sought immediately. If swallowed do not induces vomiting give plenty of water and call doctor immediately.

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