Product Dose

Boiler Coagulant  initial dosage is 25 ml of treatment daily for every ton of boiler capacity. Daily bottom blowdown is required when using Boiler Coagulant.It must be dosed to boiler water that is maintained in an alkaline condition. For systems experiencing severe oil contamination, off-line cleaning is desirable. After the equipment is cleaned, dose rate of 25 mls per day per ton of water capacity for two weeks or until complete oil removal is accomplished. If severity of contamination persists, the possibility of additional oil in leakage should be investigated and eliminated.

Feeding: Boiler Coagulant  may be dissolved with other boiler treatment chemicals and fed directly to the boiler by means of a bypass pot feeder or suitable chemical injection pump. For lowpressure boilers, the solution may be dosed to the hotwell or the condensate return tank.