Product Dose

For sea water cooling systems

Dose 150 – 500 ML of  RXSOL-40-4003-025   for every 100 tons of sea water flowing through the system per hour. The treatment should be applied daily when the vessel is on coastal waters. Normally  the treatment is not required when sailing deep sea .

For  ballast tanks
Dose 1 litre of RXSOL-40-4003-025 per 10 tons of water prior to ballasting, followed by a monthly dose of 2 litres per 100 tons.

For Trim Tanks, Oil Rig Sea Legs and Similar Systems

Dose 25 litres of RXSOL-40-4003-025 per 100 tons of water  . GENERAL Testing for bacteria can be done with our RXSOL DIP SLIDE METHODS ( Designed to check and see anytime anywhere invisible danger Bacteria / fungus grow from Cooling / Drinking water ) which indicate the extent of the bacteriological contamination.