Product Dose

RXSOL-50-5004-025 is best dosed by means of a bypass pot feeder directly into the boiler feed line

Funtion Mechanism:-

Alkalinity Control:-This components of  RXSOL-50-5004-025  chemically  precipitate  the hardness of salts like Calcium & Magnesium & neutralizes the acidic conditions.
Hardness Control:-RXSOL-50-5004-025 provides phosphate reserve  to effectively  react with  and precipitate the hardness salts introduces with the feed water.
Sludge Conditioner:-RXSOL-50-5004-025 component  will preventing the sludge from  adhering to metals surfaces. Boiler sludge can only be removed by blow down.
Oxygen Scavanger:-Catalyzed  of  RXSOL-50-5004-025  controls  the formation of  oxygen to protects boiler & steam line corrosion protection. As an  additional benefits it will assist to neutralize dissolved carbon dioxide. In this way  RXSOL-50-5004-025  preventing oxygen “Pitting” corrosion.

Applications, Dosage:-RXSOL-50-5004-025 is strongly alkaline. RXSOL-50-5004-025  is best applied diluted with WATER ,  any convenient  strength on a continuous  basis using a  suitable chemicals pump . The product  should be applied to the boiler feed tank or feed line to ensure adequate  mixing. The dosage rate of   RXSOL-50-5004-025  is dependent on boiler operating condition, Feed 1 Kg  of RXSOL-50-5004-025 solution for per thousand Ltr of boilers water Then control  the  system by  Periodic Alkalinity  test procedure.  If p-Alkalinity is below 200  ppm  increase the  ratio of  RXSOL-50-5004-025   solution. If  p-Alkalinity  is above  400 ppm  reduce  the  concentration of 
RXSOL-50-5004-COMB solution by dilution with water.
Control Procedure:-Control is by simple  boiler water tests or RX CLEANSERS  can provide a suitable test  kits for this purpose

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