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The most effective RXSOL-16-1008-060 ,Descaling Liquid - II is accomplished by circulation for large systems or components. In the case of small components, the soak method in an immersion bath can be used.

If the equipment to be cleaned is contaminated by oil, grease, sludge or carbonised oil, then pre-cleaning with Rxsol-20-2002-SC or Rxsol-10-1006-SB is necessary.

Rxsol-16-1008 should alway be used in plastic bucket. RXSOL-16-1008-060 should always be added in, never add water in RXSOL-16-1008-060.

RXSOL-16-1008-060 dilute with fresh water as 5-30%,  solution depending on scale. Make a circulation system so as to allow the solution to enter through the lowest point and leave through the highest point of the equipment, which is to be descaled.
Fill up the whole system with the solution and circulate through a centrifugal pump.
At the initial stages, pH of the solution is generally at 2 to 3 there is an increase in the pH of the solution, during the reaction. The increase in the pH of the solution during circulation reflects on going reaction. Add more quantity of RXSOL-16-1008-060 and continue circulation, in case of the pH level being 4.5 to 5.  If circulation of the system shows constant pH 2 to 3 after time confirms the completion of the process of descaling.

The process of descaling is checked by a periodical pH testing of the solution.

For silica scales and very hard scales, power and liquid forms of RXSOL-11-1102-025 is recommended.

For the prevention of further scaling in melting industry, RXSOL-16-1056-025 is recommended.


NOTE: After using RXSOL-16-1008-060 ( After completion of descaling ) rinse all equipment and metal surfaces at least one time with a 0.5% solution of RXSOL-20-2059-025 in fresh water. This solution should be circulated for 2-4 hours or until pH value comes 6-7. This will neutralize any remaining acid and passivate steel surfaces.

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