Product Dose

It must be applied concentrated . May be applied to the surface by brush or spray, agitate stubborn deposits if required with a brush and wipe away residues with clean cloth.

RXSOL-16-1009-020 can also be use in dip tank applications.  

Heavily soiled components may require agitation with a brush.

RXSOL-16-1009-020 preferably use in open or sufficiently ventilated areas. RXSOL-16-1009-020should always be used concentrate (without mixing with other solvent.)

For best results apply with either by brush, swab,or as a fine spray using suitable hand held spray  equipment. Small components may be cleaned by brief immersion in a bath of RXSOL-16-1009-020Never use RXSOL-16-1009-020 on a running generator or motor. RXSOL-16-1009-020 can be used to clean virtually all electrical equipment  & components although  is it possible it may affect some types of rubber &  plastic. Either  remove  rubber  &  plastic  parts  from  component  or test on small area for any reaction before cleaning.

For optimum performance in ultrasonic cleaning systems a frequency of 25 kHz is recommended. Due to the self-heating ability of such systems a temperature control should be installed on the machine to ensure operating temperature remains below 40°C. Whilst components may be allowed to air dry naturally drying times can be reduced by wiping away excess material with a cloth or by employing forced air drying techniques.

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