Product Dose

For optimum results dose RXSOL-50-5002-025 direct to the boiler with a RXSOL Boiler Water Treatment Dosing unit, or via the bypass pot- feeder installed in the boiler feed line.

Required dosage can be controlled by pH & alkalinity test dosage chart .  

1 milliliter of RXSOL-50-5002-025 concentrated alkaline liquid per ton of distilled water provides 0.5 ppm of lkalinity hydrate.

Low-pressure boiler (up to 28 bars)

Add RXSOL-50-002-025 to 5 litre in feed – water, There is no any specific method can be passed through the recalculating or the main feed pipe into the stream or the hot well tank.

High – Pressure Boiler (28 to 60 bars)

Dissolve the desired volume of RXSOL-50-002-025 to 5 ltr of feed – water, which should then be passed  into the stream or water drum through the chemical pump.

Note:- It can also be used as a neutralizing agent following acid cleaning with  descaling materials ( RXSOL-11-1008--DC descaling Liq / RXSOL-54-1008-SA Safe Acid PWD )