Product Dose

Best dose rate can be determined in trial batch mixes. While In normal concrete a dosage of between 0.7-2.0 litre for 100kg. total cementitious material. In a high performance, low water cement ratio concrete, a dosage of between 1.5-3.5 litre / 100kg total cementitious material to to improve strengths. The addition of the admixture will allow the removal of water from the mix whilst maintaining workability.

Higher dosage of WATER Reducing Super Plasticiser without causing any adverse effects upon the concrete. RXSOL-67-6706-220 Cement retarder is a chloride free. Superplasticising admixture based on selected polymer modified naphthalene sulphonate dispersives. RXSOL-67-6706-220 Cement retarder disperses by electro kinetic action in the concrete mix. Enable the water phase of the concrete to perform more effectively.

After initial trials. Minor modifications to the overall mix design may be made to optimize performance.

Note : Initial trials should be made with normal concrete mix designs. The use of a combination of admixtures in the same concrete mix and or cement replacement may alter the setting time. Trials should always be conducted to determine such setting times. Never mix RXSOL-67-6706-220 Cement retarder directly to cement the admixture should be added to the concrete with the mixing water.

Overdose : Always take batch trial before uses of cement retarder. High dose will increase retardation effect and more curing required, How ever this may reduce the strength of concrete. But overdosing can be done if sulphate resisting cement or cement replacement materials are used. 

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