Product Dose

Make proper required solution of RXSOL-10-1756-025 and Spray on entire surface area. In some specifice condition RXSOL-10-1756-025 can be applied concentrated form also. It is best applied by spraying or immersion. The most ideal dilution, where one would get an adequate coverage of wet film for vertical and under-hanging surfaces, is 40% water to 60% concentrate. RXSOL-10-1756-025 can be sprayed with an airless or pump type sprayer, or used in a dip tank.

After spraying application wait for 10-15 minutes, depending on the film thickness of the product to be removed and the length of time that the coating has cured. If necessory repeat the spraying process.

Finally use high pressure machine if required otherwise flush with simple nozzle or JUG and Bucket application.

Sometime If coating removed is tacky or remains tacky in patches repeat same above step. 


Light Cleaning 5 to 100 parts water
Medium cleaning 10 to 100 parts water
Heavy Cleaning 20 to 100 parts water
Coating Remover  60 to 100 parts water
Greasy Surface 1 to 8 parts water
Oil Stained Uncoated Concrete Floors 1 to 5 parts water

The above directions are flexible rather than specific.  In many cases a more diluted solution can be used, while for extreme conditions a less diluted solution may be used.

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