Product Dose

After uses of solvent type cleaner to make Hydrocarbon free tank, RINSE the tank Throughly—preferably with running continuous water. For critical Tank cleaning, Make a fresh 1% solution of Advance Tank cleaner in cold, warm, or hot water. If available use warm water. For difficult soils, raise water temperature and use more detergent.


Otherwise for Spot Cleaning: Spray  Advance Tank cleaner directly or it can be diluted up to 5 parts, And leave up to 30 minutes to complete the reaction then finally flush off with water. Always remember  do not allow to dryon surface, then butterworth at maximum pressure and warm water 60oC for at least 3 hours, checking that there is no foam remaining in the final stages.  Inspects tanks(s) and if desired result has been achieved fresh water rinse and dry.

Re-circulation Method:–

Fill tank with fresh water and heat up to warm 30-40oC .  Then start adding Advance Tank cleaner 0.03 to 9% ( for general wash use 300 ML for 1000 Ltr water and ratio can be increase upto 9 Ltrs for 1000 Ltr water )  to circulate the water.   A stronger solution can be made for critical cleaning. Finally lower butterworth hoses into the tank from the pump stack header without machines attached and circulate through these hoses while you fill the solution material. Use a strainer at the pump stack when circulating any solution. Finally rinse the tank with hot water.


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