Product Dose

Volumes vary depending upon holding tank size. 
Method of Application and Dose Rates:- Use daily through dosing vaccum module of chemical toilet. Leave cleaner in the bowl.  Best substitute of  toxic formaldehyde based deodorizer cleaners such such as acids, disinfectants, bleaches etc.

Dilute with FRESH WATER as per recommendation from CHEMICAL Toilet manufacturer. In general practice to get optimum result  Dose 100 to 150 ml per 20 litres of waste holding tank capacity.
Virtually all applications of RXSOL-16-1025-025 exploit its high reactivity toward proteins.  It's uniques properitory blend completely reacts with amines, amides, and thiol groups in proteins.

Its diluted solution can be used as a biocide for system disinfection and as a preservative for long term storage. It is a sterilant, killing endospores in addition to many microorganisms and viruses.

RXSOL-16-1025-025 liquid odor control agent for chemical toilets on airplane, train, RV, bus and portable toilet applications.

Performance Features

• Contains NO Hazardous or Toxic Ingredients. NO Formaldehyde
• Employs A Pleasant Scent To Cover Odor As Well As A Special Agent For Suppression Of Odor • Reduced Dye Content To Minimize Risk Of Staining Skin And Equipment
• Formulated With Detergents To Improve Clean-Out And Rinsing
• Cost Effective And Easy To Use 

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