Product Dose

For General cleaning it Should be diluted ,at the rate of 1-parts RXSOL-16-1007-530 to 5-parts water,( Or 1:1 ratio of any solvent like diesel ) before use or depend  on nature of dirt / contamination  . For Heavy deposition , immerse the stainless Steel DISCS in the container with concentrated RXSOL-16-1007-530  for 15 minutes to 3 Hrs.  At 50 to 60°C ( Heating is not necessary ) . 
After the unit or parts have been satisfactorily cleaned, remove the discs by using RUBBER GLOVES and rinse thoroughly with fresh water. It is recommended that this product is not used on soft metal, Zinc,Tin, Galvanized surfaces or Anodized Aluminium. Then separator discs can be used immediately. 

Recirculation  and  heating will improves the cleaning action.

For Heavy Duty Cleaning

Separator Cleaner can only be used for cleaning stainless steel separator discs. Fill a stainless steel or plastic container with pure Separator Cleaner. Immerse the stainless steel discs in the container and let the product act for 30 minutes up to a maximum of 2 hours.  Heating the product is not necessary. Do not put the discs closely packed into the liquid but take care that there is enough space between them so that the product can work properly. Remove the discs from the bath (wear rubber gloves) and rinse with a powerful water jet. The cleaned separator discs can be used immediately.