Product Dose

Normal 2-5 grams is sufficient to apply , but depends on degree of contamination and cleaning required . In hard cleaning repetition may require.

After application hand can wipe from tissue or towel or even hands are easily washable by natural tap water.
The effect of the cream after application  or wash not be sticky and after wash gives smooth soft soothing effect. This is a better substitute of petroleum products & caustic based detergent which drain the body oil . It removes even the most stubborn grease and grime thoroughly yet gently. Multi-purpose heavy duty cleaning agent.

Most popular tips

Take RXSOL Skin safety paste and massage on the soiled/grease skin with or without water. The skin should either rinse with clean water or wipe through with towel or tissue paper.  Due to mildness of this product to skin it may be used for cleaning all area of the body. Due to its unique efficiency not more than a teaspoon is usually required to clean hands to complete satisfaction .