Product Dose

Directions for use
This product is formulated for use in conjunction.Oxygen Scavenger Plus can be used in any boiler system, and in conjunction with mechanical deaeration systems. Removal of dissolved oxygen is vital for prevention of corrosion and especially pitting corrosion in boilers. When dosed into a boiler system, Oxygen Scavenger Plus will react with dissolved oxygen and form non corrosive compounds. The product is volatile, and left over product from oxygen scavenging in the pre-boiler section will evaporate and assist protection of the steam and condensate system. No solid materials are produced when using Oxygen Scavenger Plus.

Dosing method
Rx Marine International recommends continuously into the boiler feed line and Boiler Water Treatment Dosing Unit.
Dosing should be controlled so that the DEHA residual in the condensate is between 0.08-0,30 ppm. The consumption will depend on feed water temperature and the amount of water fed into the boiler. For more information about initial dosage and dose rate please consult your nearest Customer Centre.
Test result condensate PPM DEHA   
0.00 - 0.08 0.08 - 0.30 0.30 +
Increase dose 25% Maintain dose Decrease dose 25%

Sampling and testing
A representative sample of Condensate should be drawn for analysis daily. The sample should always be taken from the same sampling point, cooled and tested immediately By Rxsol Test Kit. It is important that regular testing is carried out, to ensure the correct level of treatment is maintained.

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