Product Description


Oil Soil Cleaning Products : RXSOL 1001 is premium quality Oil Cleaning Products. It is a milky white creamy gel containing natural ingredients, moisturisers, surfactants, and powerful dispersing agents. This is a better substitute to petroleum products & caustic based detergetns which drain the body oil. ONLY 2 TO 5 grams SUFFICIENT to clean most greasy hand.
Hand Cleaning Products : Industrial and maintenance Hand Cleaning Products
Marine Cleaner : In marine industries can be used as multi purpose degreasing operation. 
Oil Cleaner : Its Emulsification makes oil soluble in water.
Skin Contact Cleaner : Its unique formulation makes popular to use in many industrial field for Skin Cleaning purpose.
Ink Oil Paint Cleaner : In this industries cleaning is very tedious job, But RXSOL 1001 magic formula makes it very easy to clean.  
Paste Cleaner : Its higher viscocity and thickness makes easy to handle And also avoid spillage during accidental handling of TIN / JAR.
Duty of Cleaner : Its soft formula and emulsification makes it perfect duty of cleaner. 
Cleaning Products : Due to its softness and effectiveness very popular in INDUSTRIAL cleaning operation. 
Work Cleaner : Suitable for all atmospheric climate.
Citrus Cleaner : Can be demand with many other fragrances 
Heavy Duty Cleaning Products : Its variuos grade can be utilised as various field. 
Grease Cleaning Products : 1001 makes grease water soluble. 
Environmentally Safe Cleaner : Free from caustic and free solvent, Non toxic cleaning agent.
Multi Cleaner : Its unique formulation makes to use as multi clean Degreaser.
Grese Cleaner  : Based on Grease Emulsifier and Grease Cleaning Substances.
Hand Cleaning Liquid :Its effectiveness and easy handling procedure keeps it in better class then liquid cleaner.  
Cleaning Paste : 1001 higher concentration makes it paste.
House of Cleaning : Its feature makes to get position in maximum house of cleaning.
How to clean Grease : Cleaning Ingredients makes soluble all types of deposit and grime.
Cleaning Duty, 
Cleaning Goods : Can be utilised as degreaser for cleaning Goods.
Grease Cleaning : High solvency effect.

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