Product Description


RXSOL-40-4023  is a high performance nitrite based closed circuit inhibitor.

RXSOL-40-4023  is a high performance nitrite based closed circuit inhibitor.

Nitrite based Corrosion Inhibitor for Water and Glycol Brine system is a multimetal corrosion inhibitor based on nitrate and othe organic compounds with special yellow metal corrosion inhibitor and antiscaling chemical that helps to prevent scale deposition or also removes adhering loose scale deposits from the heat transfer fluid system.

The disadvantages of not treating the closed circuit water can be equally troubling for the system operator:-
1. Leakage in PHE and AHU due to corrosion
2. Plugging and clogging of tubes and reduced flow rate
3. REduced heat transfer
4. Need of regular descalling that incurs shutdowns, loss of labor and time
5. Fouling of brine of chiller water

Chemical tratment removes dissolved oxygen that cause oxidation of metal to metal oxide i.e., Iron + Oxygen = Iron Oxide (Rust)

The chemical also contains a specific inhibitor to protect copper from corrosion and removes/prevents any sort of scale formation in the system.

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