Product Application

Immersion Type Heat & water scale remover.

Testing chemicals required

Indicator solution :phenolphthalein
Testing solution : 0.1N sodium hydroxide solution

Method of control

Restore the volume of the tank to its original level, if necessary, by adding water. Thoroughly mix and take a sample of 50-100ml. After allowing to cool to ambient, pipette 25ml into a 250ml volumetric flask. Make up to the mark with distilled water. Pipette 10ml of this solution into an Erlenmeyer flask and add 5-10 drops of Indicator solution No.1. Titrate against Testing solution No.1 to a pink end-point. Record the volume used as (V).The bath strength is calculated as follows:

Strength (vol% ARDROX 14) = V x 1.4

Effects on materials

RXSOL 14 is inhibited against attack on steel. It will rapidly attack aluminium, zinc, magnesium and cadmium.

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