Product Application

RXSOL  “X”   ( NEUTRALIZER / DEODORIZER ) Biodegradable and water Rinseable

Spraying – no
Injection – no

Re-circulation – Make a 5% solution with fresh water in the tank, heating the mixture to 50 oC and re-circulate through betterworth machines for at least 3 hours, after which betterworth the tank for at least 3 hours with 50 oC sea water, followed by one hour at 85oC.  Check during final washing at the pump stack drain for smell.  Fresh water rinse and blow dry.  If there are other Acrylate tank, then make an adequate amount of solution at the beginning for transfer between tanks, “spiking” the solution at each tank with additional product “X” (150 liters).



  • Use a strainer at the pump stack when circulating any solution.

          Tank Lining – Stainless / Zinc / Epoxy / Phenolic