Product Application

This conditioner is highly ECONOMICAL , non toxic , non polluting chemical its lower concentration effectivenes with water keeps it in very ECONOMICAL GRADE materials class.  Mud Remover uses the chemical principle of flocculation to attract mud particles into "flocs" (small fluffy particles). As a result, the "stickiness" of the mud is greatly reduced, preventing it from packing down and allowing for easy flushing by the water flow during deballasting.


•Ballast Tanks
•Double Bottom
•Floating Drydocks
•Manual Tank Cleaning
•Cooling Water Systems


•Increases cargo carrying capacity
•Aids in removal of existing mud deposits
•Lowers corrosion rates
•Prevents mud buildup
•Easier tank inspections by regulatory agencies
•Reduces fuel costs
•Enhances tank coating performance

Continued use of Sediment Remover prevents the deposition of sediments, mud or silt in ballast tanks, cooling water systems, pipelines etc.. Further, it can be used with mechanical action to dislodge existing mud or silt in ballast tanks. Sediment Remover should be injected in small quantities into ballast or cooling water systems prior to filling the tanks or system. Mud present will not adhere to either itself or to bulkheads, tank structures or inside pipelines. If heavy deposits are present, an increased dosage will remove a portion of the sediment after each application. Thick mud deposits will require several applications.

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