Product Application

Mechanical cleaning (scrubbing and brushing )damages the filter which results in poor performance .

Cleaning process and requirement of time  depends on the type of the contamination. With fuels recipitation of paraffin and asphalt or with lubricating oils mixing of different types of oil can form solid encrustations on the mesh.

RXSOL-16-1095-025 can be undercooled or overheated during storage but remains fully usable when returned to normal temperature.

Elements contaminated with heavy oil must be soaked in a standard commercial aromatic solvent. After soaking the elements are cleaned by high pressure Cleaning Device using RXSOL-16-1095-025 solution.

Use of RXSOL-16-1095-025 is not restricted to a particular method of cleaning. Depending on the operating conditions, RXSOL-16-1095-025 can be used in a dip bath, in a spraying plant, in steam jetting or in manual application using a cloth, brush or sponge. It can be used warm or cold. RXSOL-16-1095-025 is miscible with water - even seawater.

Concentration for mesh cleaning: 1 : 2,5
Temperature: up to a maximum of 60 °C

The concentration depends on the type and thickness of the adhesive substance to be removed. When used in concentration below 1 : 30 rinsing is usually not required. No visible film remains on the surface

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