Product Application

It is used to remove heavy scales, discolouration, annealing colours, rust particles near weld and welding affected area by heat without grinding or wire brushing or buffing.

Rust and other corrosion products. Embedded or adhering "free iron Very light rust stain can be removed by 10% nitric acid. More significant rust or embedded iron will require pickling. Also see previous sections on Passivating and Pickling. Sand or glass-bead blasting is another option Wear PPE as appropriate. Afterwards rinse well with clean water. Mix in acid-proof container, and be very careful with the acid, (See Precautions for acid cleaners)
Routine cleaning of boat fittings. Frequent washing down with fresh water. Recommended after each time the boat is used in salt water.
Cooking pot boiled dry. Remove burnt food by soaking in hot water with detergent, baking soda or amonia. Afterwards clean and polish. with a mild abrasive if necessary. See comments re steel wool.
Dark oxide from welding or heat treatment. "Pickling Paste" or pickling solutions given on previous page. Must be careful rinsed, and use care in handling (see Precautions for acid cleaners).
Scratches on polished (satin or brushed) finish. Slight scratches - use impregnated nylon pads. Polish with polishing wheel dressed with iron-free abrasive for deeper scratches. Follow polish lines. Then clean with soap or detergent as for routine cleaning Do not use ordinary steel wool - iron particles can become embedded in stainless steel and cause further surface problems. Stainless steel and "Scotchbrite" scouring pads are satisfactory.



Routine cleaning All finishes Soap mild detergent and water. (preferably warm) Sponge, rinse with clean water, wipe dry if necessary. Follow polish lines.
Fingerprints All finishes Soap warm water or organic solvent (eg acetone, alchol, methylated spirits) Rinse with clean water and pipe dry. Follow polish lines.
Stubborn stains and discoloration. All finishes. Mild cleaning solutions. Ensure any properietary cleaners state compatibility with stainless steel. Phpsphoric acid cleaners may also be effective Use rag, sponge or fibre brush (soft nylon or natural bristle. An old toothbrush can be useful). Rinse well with clean water and wipe dry. Follow polish lines.
Lime deposits from hard water. Solution of one part vinegar to three parts water. Soak in solution then brush to loosen. Rise well with clean water.
Oil or grease marks. All finishes. Organic solvents (eg. acetone, alchol, methylated spirits, proprietary "safety solvents"). Baked-on grease can be softened beforehand with ammonia Clean after  with soap and water, rinse with clean water and dry. Follow polish lines

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