Product Application

Can be used for 'last resort' treatment of difficult tea and coffee stains. Colour Safe Bleach OxiBrite produces controlled 'bleaching' and therefore should be used with caution on all fibres. For professional and industrial use only.

  • Is OXI SOL safe to use in my Bathroom and septic tank?

    The only by products of OXI SOL are oxygen, water, and soda ash. These natural elements do not harm the home or the environment. By the time the oxiclean mixture gets into a septic tank, most of the oxygen has already been released into the air. Any oxygen left over will not hurt the bacteria in an anaerobic septic system.

  • Nature of stains does it remove?

    OXI SOL works extremely well on organic stains like wine, food, pet messes and more! 

  • Can I use it with Chlorine Bleach? 

    No! OXI SOL is a bleach alternative and works by itself. Do not mix it with bleach as they will neutralize each other and can create dangerous gases and heat. If mixed in a poorly ventilated room, breathing the fumes created by this mixture can be fatal.

  • Is it ok to use on my colored clothing? 

    Yes. The cleaner is color safe. It is much safer for colored fabrics than chlorine bleach and can help increase the life span of your clothes. However, not all clothes are colorfast. You should test for colorfastness before applying.

  • Suitable temperature should I use when mixing OXI SOL?

    You should always mix oxiclean in hot (not boiling) water to completely dissolve and release all of the cleaning power of the crystals. Oxiclean will work in cold water, but takes longer to activate than in hot water.

  • Can I let it stand on a soiled area over time?

    Yes, it's OK to allow oxiclean to stand on a soiled area. However, it is best to wipe soiled areas clean before oxiclean solution has dried completely as it stops working when it dries out.

    Does it neutralize odors?

    Yes. OXI SOL deodorizes and works to neutralize odor causing substances.

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