Product Application

Thick Bio-Neutralizer liquid shall be  effective  in  the reduction  or  elimination of residual chlorine without   releasing excess quantities of sodium sulfite into the receiving environment. Dose of Bio-Neutralizer maintain a consistent application rate at intermittent peak flow factors as high as four and shall provide reliable reduction of residual  chlorine even  when the significant runoff period is six  hours. Bio-Neutralizer  shall be considered non-hazardous  under U.S. Department  of  Transportation (DOT), U.S. Environmental  Protection Agency (USEPA), RCRA, CERCLA and SARA Title III listings and consist  solely of commercial grade  or technical  grade ingredients. The following is a list of some common applications where Bio-Neutralizer dechlorination may be utilized: home wastewater treatment plants, municipal wastewater plants, septic tanks – sand filters, extended aeration plants, wastewater treatment lagoons, package wastewater treatment systems, spray irrigation systems, potable water filtration backwash, municipal water plants and water towers.

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