Product Application

The use of RXSOL-40-5023-210 as a chemical deoxygenator is economical within certain limitations imposed by the dissolved oxygen content of the feedwater. If appreciable quantities of dissolved oxygen are permitted to enter the boiler, costs will be high if RXSOL-40-5023-210 is relied on as the sole means of oxygen removal. Generally, costs are balanced by removal of as much of the oxygen as feasible by mechanical means, e.g. deaerator and by using RXSOL-40-5023-210 to react with the residual oxygen.

To prevent corrosion and pitting in feed lines, closed heaters and economizers, it is desirable to feed the RXSOL-40-5023-210 continuously to the boiler feedwater rather than directly to the boiler feedwater rather than directly to the boiler. Reaction between RXSOL-40-5023-210 and oxygen is not instantaneous and the completion of the reaction is aided by the longer contact times provided by feeding RXSOL-40-5023-210 to the feedwater.


Catalyzed RXSOL-40-5023-210 will, however, react almost instantaneously with dissolved oxygen even at cold water temperatures. Because of this property, catalyzed RXSOL-40-5023-210 has found increased use in the treatment of cooling water, process water, distribution system, etc. for preventing oxygen corrosion.  

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